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What's the difference between your service versus traditional firms?

The AzBerrie Group offers a streamlined process for sellers to take advantage of marketing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) at a discounted price, much lower than what traditional real estate firms may charge.  For sellers, we offer two options - A Limited Service Package for $299 and a Full Service Package for 1% of the sales price (minimum fee of $3,000). This is in addition to and does not include the fee (commission) for a buyer's agent. If a buyers agent is involved, a commission will need to be offered. We suggest offering 2.4% to 3.0% to buyer's agents.

Which package should I use?

The Limited Service Package is ideal for experienced sellers who have a good grasp of how real estate is bought and sold in North Carolina and a good  understanding of the 'Offer to Purchase & Contract' paperwork and legal terminology. This package gives FSBO (For Sale By Owner) the marketing tools and power of the MLS, but it will be up to them to do the rest. The $299 fee for the Limited Service Package will need to be paid upfront.

The Full Service Package is an exclusive representative relationship between the firm and the seller. This package provides the seller the most help without high commission and hidden fees. The Full Service Package is a good option for sellers that do not have the time or the experience in selling real estate. The firm will assist the seller at every step from market analysis and home valuation to negotiations and closing coordination. The fee for the Full Service Package (1% of the sales price - $3,000 minimum) can be paid at closing. If the $299 fee for the Limited Service Package has already been paid prior to opting for the Full Service Package, the fee will be credited to the seller at closing.

What is the MLS and why is it so important?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database tool used by and available to Realtors to list and search for homes. Only Realtors have access to the MLS. The MLS is also the source for real estate websites such as, Zillow, and dozens of other sites on the internet. 80 to 90% of home buyers use the internet to look for a home, therefore listing your home on MLS is key to maximizing its exposure. 

Why do I need to cooperate with Buyer's Agents?

Your listing on MLS will be listed the exact same way as all other listings.  When posting a home on MLS as a listing, the buyers agent's compensation must also be provided. The fee charged to you to post on MLS is not posted, just the buyers agent's commission therefore your listing will look like all the other listings on MLS. Because a majority of buyers will be working with buyer's agents in their home search, sellers posting on the MLS would want to cooperate with buyer's agents to show eligible buyers their home. Also, by agreeing to list your home onto the MLS and you end up selling to a buyer that has a buyer's agent, then you would need to cooperate with and compensate the buyer's agent. Although commissions are not fixed by law, we suggest offering 2.4% to 3.0% to buyers agents. Commissions are paid at closing or settlement of the sale.

How do I receive offers from Realtors?

With the Limited Service Package, instructions will be placed in the MLS for buyer's agents to contact the seller directly to discuss and negotiate offers.

We ask for the seller to keep us updated on the listing status - let us know when it goes under contract and when it closes.

With the Full Service Package, the firm will receive and present all offers to the seller. Additionally, after consulting with the seller, the firm will accept, reject, or make counter offers and negotiate terms on their behalf.

How are showings arranged?

Buyer's agents will contact an appointment center for showing requests. The appointment center will then contact the seller via texts, emails and/or calls for showing approvals. The seller may also arrange with the appointment center for predetermined blocks of windows to allow showings or require 1 to 24 hour notices for showings. Buyer's agents will not be allowed to show the listing until they received an approval for the day and time they requested.

How soon & for how long can my home be listed?

The listing will be active in MLS within 24 hours after receiving all paperwork, listing descriptions, photos, measurements, and payment (if signing up for the Limited Service Package). 

The seller will have the opportunity to review a draft of the MLS listing for their approval prior to making payment. When the seller is satisfied with and signs off on the listing draft, they will receive the payment invoice to be paid via Paypal. Once we receive all paperwork, photos, measurements, and payment, the listing will go live on MLS.  Additionally, the real estate sign/rider will be placed at the property within 24 hours. Each listing period is for 6 months unless the seller requests a shorter listing period on the limited service listing agreement. 

Can I cancel the listing at any time?

With the Limited Service Package, the fee is paid upfront at time of listing and is non-refundable once the listing is active. The listing can be cancel at anytime.

The Full Service Package requires more up front work & expenses therefore we ask for the listing to continue until the end of its listing period. We would be happy to discuss options if that is not possible. If the listing agreement is terminated, we would require that the seller to reimburse the firm for its up front expenses. If the home is under contract, the agreement cannot be terminated.

Why do I need my home measured?

The MLS requires a square footage measurement for every listing. The NC Real Estate Commission requires that measurements must be specifically determined in connection with the current transaction. They also published guidelines on how to measure a home. Measurements from tax records or previous listings are not allowed. It is quite common for the tax records to be incorrect. 

We recommend getting a professional to do the measurements. With homes selling for several hundreds of dollars per square foot, the cost of an accurate measurement is well worth the price. It is important to advertise the home with correct information. 

With the Limited Service Package, we ask the seller to get their house measured and provide us with the measurements for the listing. We'd be happy to provide recommendations of measurement professionals.

With the Full Service Package, we will make the arrangements as part of our service to get the house professionally measured for the seller.

What else do you provide & how do I pay the fee?

Sellers will have an option for us to provide a real estate 'for sale' sign for each listing. Additionally, a rider with a text number for information can be provided so that prospective buyers can be sent instant listing information without having to inconvenience the seller. 

Real estate law requires sellers to provide prospective buyers with a residential property disclosure and a mineral oil and gas rights. We will provide the seller with the proper documents to fill out and fulfill their lawful requirements.

Sellers can make unlimited revisions to the list price and descriptions. We would need at least a 24-hour notice to make the changes. 

For the Limited Service Package, an invoice will be emailed with a Paypal link for the seller to make payment. 

For the Full Service Package, the fee can be paid at closing.

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